Shop fish is good you find in Tennoji ( tavern )

Welcome to Japan.

If you come to Osaka of Japan, be sure to want to look for a “lantern”.
It will be able to experience the popular culture of Japan.
However, to satisfy you, you will also need to combine “taste”.

“Fstyle magazine.” Pickup eateries
Sake, we must here if fish is good shops.

Although I think sushi is prevalent in the world could habit to eat “fresh fish”, I want to try by the time the shop.


居酒屋鮮道 こんび

Business hours
①11: 30 – 02 時 30 分 午後 (L.O.14: 00)
②17: 00 – 24:00 (L.O.23: 30)

Closed: Sunday and holidays

TEL: 06-6770-5305
Address: Osaka-shi, Osaka Tennoji-ku, Horikoshi-cho, 13-15
スクリーンショット 2015-07-14 15.20.03

“I want to go a little, eat want, you want to dress” is in originating from Fstylemagazine!
Other F plan here shell!

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