Now , Japan is very tired .but…. 今、日本はとても疲れている。しかし…

Now, Japan is very tired. In that began late from economic and social competition, most Japanese are trying to Makikaeso are in inosine labor. In addition, Japanese people only seek efficiency, we have forgotten how to spend creative time.

However, Japan has changed in the last few years.

such as the significance and work styles of work, from the choice of representation only and found no too much of work, I began more and more people began to notice the essence is that how to live.

This time, I would like to introduce the activities being reviewed in Japan.

Japan’s townhouse is the best place as a place to feel the Japan life.

In addition, and townhouses in Kyoto, thatched roof of the house, such as in Japan old houses to be proud of in the world has there are many.

Busy Japanese, is a site that has been re-proposed the value of the life style that utilize the old houses.

I want to know Japanese life experience , if you want to experience

“Cominca times”

[browser-shot url=”” width=”700″ height=”350″ href=”” alt=”古民家タイムス” target=”_blank”]古民家タイムス[/browser-shot]

If you want to live in Kyoto, I do not know until now

[browser-shot url=”” width=”700″ height=”450″ href=”” alt=”移住コンシェルジュ” target=”_blank”]移住コンシェルジュ[/browser-shot]

The location where you want to things to think experience you want to do in Japan .
【ふるさと未来ステーション 月庭-TUKITEI-】

[browser-shot url=”” width=”700″ height=”350″ href=”” alt=”ふるさと未来ステーション 月庭-TUKITEI-” target=”_blank”]ふるさと未来ステーション 月庭-TUKITEI-[/browser-shot]

For the first time , if you go to the beautiful and picturesque villages of Japan , please refer to this WEB media .

In the heart of the most beautiful village Union and Omo-den Ken district in Japan , wandering Symbol of the Tour of walked traveled around Japan
[browser-shot url=”” width=”700″ height=”350″ href=”” alt=”coinaca” target=”_blank”]coinaca[/browser-shot]

In Japan , we are reviewing that you eat from seed .
「たねだね 在来種研究所」


Now , Japan is , every lifestyle You are about to change . Food , health , fashion , how to spend , such as ways of working .

Now , by all means to come to Japan from abroad , we would like to recommend .

Now , Japan is trying to evolve . This is your chance to experience Japan .

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