③ Do you know hiding spot of Kyoto ? 京都の隠れスポット知ってますか?

I do not know –

I want you to tell me –

– Where it is eaten baked Nishiki market oysters ( laughs)

I noticed that you are not only going again at the royal road by being asked , hiding spot

– Isetan in spite of is crowded that contains the good shop ( laughs)

I do not know , you want to know , I want to tell people was a large number . I only place where it is I thought the location of , but increases when I like to act with a sense contrary to the guide book . . . It ‘s is not able to quite such How to get around ( + _ + )

Once , my hiding spot in the not say ^ ^

Here Sakura want to go to every year outlook ^ o ^







と、いうわけで私の隠れスポット^ ^



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愛知県と京都の往復した数は、人知れず。 京都を、愛知から愛する女子です。

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